100 Days of Happiness Week 3 and Week 4

Hi Guys, I'm sorry I didn't post week 3 last week. It was my first week back in college and I just didn't have time to sit down and write about my week, so I'm putting two weeks into one post. As I said I'm back in college now and this semester will be far busier than any before. I have a lot more continuous assessment, which I prefer but it does take up a lot more of my time ! It's great to be back around my friends and we've had great craic over the last two weeks.

Week 3:
Loved getting back to college and seeing everyone again !

I found out that I won the AMAZING prize of a stay for two at the Radisson Blu Galway hotel the night before my first ever blogger meet up !

Getting all the necessary bits and bobs for college, nothing makes me happier than stationary shopping !

 A quick OOTD, one of my fave dresses to wear to college !

Going out on the town with some good friends !

Mam came to visit and treated me and James to an amazing dinner !

It was myself and James' one year anniversary, how he's put up with me a full year I don't know ! I did a post with all the details of our night HERE !

Week 4 :

Clean brushes make me happy !

I went home for the day to visit my parents and my mam made my favourite dinner, Lasagne !

I met one of my absolute best friends for a hot chocolate and a catch up ! It was so great seeing her again !

An OOTD, I love this outfit, it's so easy for college !

Random craving for pancakes lead to a fantastic treat !

The power of makeup, you'd never know I had a hangover !

I had a fabulous day shopping with the girls and it was topped off by an amazing meal at Marco Polo.

All in all, it was a great two weeks ! I instagram my happiness daily so do follow if would like to. What's been making you happy recently ?

Erin X
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  1. I love stationary shopping! It looks like it's been an amazing few weeks for you, I hope the next few go as well!

    Sammy xo.



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