Manicure Monday

I gave my self another little manicure, this time I used a nail polish from a Christmas gift set I received a while ago. The nail set was the strictly come dancing set. This polish is called sizzling flammable. It's a gorgeous bright vibrant pink. I've nearly finished the bottle so I really need to find either the same colour or something extremely similar. The one thing that annoys me with these nail polishes is the brushes. They're so small and you need about 10-15 strokes to cover a nail. Saying that however, that is my only complaint. The colour is just beautiful and I know from previous uses that it doesn't chip for ages. I wanted something bright and funky on my nails this week and sizzling flammable is just perfect  

What's on your nails this week ? 

Erin X
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  1. That is such a pretty colour! I can't stand tiny brushes, I don't have enough patience! I'm also loving purples this Winter, I've wearing a deep purple by french connection which has pretty not much left my nails for the past few months!


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