My Wonderful Trip to the Radisson Blu Galway

Hi Everyone ! I'm just home from the most amazing weekend away ! Just a quick warning, I will probably say amazing about a 100 times in this post, so I apologize in advance. Just before Christmas, the Into The West Blogging Network held a twitter party. They held a couple of competitions and I was lucky enough to win one ! Which in itself is incredible, I never win anything, and what an unbelievable prize it was. I won a stay for two at the Radisson Blu hotel in Galway where the ITWBN event was held. The prize included breakfast too (Yay for free food).

If you're not aware of the Into The West Blogging Network, It's a network for Irish bloggers both at home in Ireland and abroad. It's a fantastic network that welcome you with  open arms and treat you like family.

So Saturday afternoon myself and James excitedly headed to Galway on the train which by the way is €9 return for students ! When we arrived we were thrilled to see that the hotel was basically beside the train station, so it was really easy to carry our bags to.

When we walked in we were immediately impressed. From the big automatic round swinging doors to the incredibly modern elevators, It was all very sophisticated. If you're looking for a weekend away in Ireland, the Radisson Blu is just an amazing hotel. It's very modern and classy. I would 100% recommend this hotel. Let me tell you why.....

We went and checked in and headed up to our room. It was just amazing !! I've never seen a hotel room so big ! My favourite thing about the room was the massive bed, I couldn't help but jump on it the minute I laid eyes on it !

I honesty couldn't get over how beautiful and stunning the room was ! The desk was a lovely big marble desk, perfect for doing my make up.It had a control panel for the heating which I thought was a great idea because some people like cold rooms and some like really warm rooms so allowing the guest to control how warm their room is I think is a brilliant idea. There was also a little table by the window with a plate of fresh fruit and a personal card for me, from Adrienne the lovely sales manager for the Radisson. This was such a lovely touch and made me feel super welcome!

The bed. The bed was the biggest bed I've ever seen. I think it was actually two bed pushed together. It was so nice and super soft. I loved sleeping in it, it was easily the comfiest sleep I've had in a long time. When my alarm went off this morning I didn't want to leave it, however the thought of food helped in leaving it haha !

The bathroom was gorgeous too. Incredible marble counters and huge mirrors with white lights, which was super useful when applying my foundation. The bath was also massive which I was surprised at because most hotel room baths are usually quite narrow, but this one was so luxurious. I had a bath Saturday night in it and it was just amazing ! I'm a little obsessed with that bathroom.

So we made our way down to breakfast and were greeted by the friendliest of staff who seated us immediately. The choice of food was great, very varied. I ended up going for a croissant with a little nutella (what's breakfast without a little sugar). We then indulged ourselves in a massive fry ! I cannot explain how good the food was, it's possibly one of the nicest fries I've had in any hotel/restaurant ever ! James was also very happy about the breakfast and ate absolutely everything !

After breakfast we headed back up to our room so I could get ready for the ITWBN event. It was so nice to be able to relax and take my time getting ready and not having to worry about getting a train and whether my hair would stay styled and if my makeup would be half gone etc. When I was finished, we packed up and headed downstairs to the bar before I headed into the ITWBN event !

I'd just like to say thank you to Saibh, Sinead and the Radisson Blu Hotel Galway for making this prize possible, I truly had an amazing time here. The staff were exceptionally polite and helpful and the room was just amazing !

I'll be doing a post tomorrow about the fabulous event so if you want to read about it, make sure you check back here tomorrow !

Erin X 
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