How my friendships have changed in 2014

A personal post today ! I was in the middle of writing another post but got ended up having a good ol' rant, so decided to make this a post of its own ! 

I've learnt a lot this year and one of the biggest things I learned about was friendship, from good ones to bad ones and everything in between. A lot of my friendships have changed this year, I've become closer to some people and more distant with others. I've learned so much about myself through these friendships, it's been quite a tough year but it has shown me who makes an effort to stay in my life and who is ok with just meeting up at Christmas. This has been quite difficult for me to accept but also it's made me appreciate the people who do pick up the phone to call, who do schedule in a little skype call and who do send a text every now and then hoping everything is ok. I think because I've been hurt quite badly by some friendships, I've become very cautious about who I make friends with now. I've become very protective about my happiness. I don't necessarily think that's a bad thing, just something I've never had to do before. Going into 2015 I'll be sure to only make time for those who make time for me instead of wasting energy and time on those who don't deserve my time !

Here are three things I've learned about friendship in 2014 and want to remember in 2015.

Time : Making time for your friends is THE most important thing to maintaining a friendship. It doesn't matter whether it's a big long two hour dinner date, a quick 15 minute skype call or even a simple text to remind them you haven't forgotten them.

Excuses : When you live far away from a friend it's incredibly easy to make excuses. I'm guilty of it myself. The biggest excuse is 'I'm busy'. I despise this excuse. I think it's such a cop out because EVERYONE'S BUSY. Are you really so busy that you can't send a short text every once in a while. It's all about making time and getting your priorities straight. Now I do understand all to well, that sometimes people do get incredibly busy, but if you can't make time for your friends once a fortnight, then is it really worth it ?  

Trust : Simple, but once the trust is gone, it's almost impossible to build it up again. 

Has anybody else had friendships change this year ? Or learned anything from existing friendships ? I'd love to hear in the comments.

Erin x
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  1. What a great post, Erin. You are absolutely right. I've also learned that those who are your friends will make some time to see you, talk to you over the phone or text you. We are all busy but you can certainly spare a few minutes to send a text.

    1. Thank you for reading ! I just feel that everyone can be busy but it takes 2 minutes to send a text, it's all about how much you want someone in your life.

  2. I moved abroad 3 years ago and I've learned so many lessons on friendship since. Your post is so true and I can really relate, especially the part about how we're all busy and that sending a quick email or text takes 1 minute. You can do that on the train or on the toilet or while waiting for an appointment and something so simple can mean the world to someone thousands of miles away. I just think people sometimes get lazy or they are too into themselves to care sometimes. And it's easier to just lose touch than to admit you've grown apart or make an effort to reconnect. I found out via FB that one of my closest friends was 5 mos pregnant. Ouch.

    1. Exactly, I agree with everything you've said. A big change in a friendship, like moving country or to university can really test friendships, and show you who your true friends are ! That last line broke my heart ! I can't even imagine ! I hope things work out one way or another x


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