Review - The Body Shop Cleansing Oil

Hello lovelies ! I bought the Camomile Silky cleansing oil from the body shop about a month ago and cannot stop raving about it. I had read so many reviews all praising it, so I gave into the hype and bought it. Well it's the best 17.50 I've ever spent. It's AMAZING ! I've never used a cleansing oil before so I don't have anything to compare it with, but I've never fallen in love with a product so quickly. It's very easy to use and the quickest way in my opinion to remove makeup. You simply pump some onto your hand and rub it into your face, it starts dissolving your makeup immediately. I then use a warm damp cotton cloth to wipe away the makeup. A quick splash of water to my face and Voila ! It doesn't strip your face or leave it in any way oily which  I was very impressed by. I love this product and would give it a 9/10. Love love love this product and couldn't recommend it more !

Have you tried this ? What did you think ?

Erin x
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