The Clothes Show Live : Zandra Rhodes Fashion Show

Hello everybody ! I attended the Clothes show live last Sunday and saw some of the most wonderful catwalks, one of which was the Zandra Rhodes catwalk. Thanks to Olympus Pen, I had front row seats ! The show itself was brilliant, we were shown some of Zandra's designs throughout the ages, going from the 60's to the 80's all the way up to the present. Zandra Rhodes was there herself and talking us through all of her wonderful designs and where she got her inspiration from. The garments were truly beautiful, I've mentioned my favourites on the pictures. Zandra Rhodes was so lovely and posed for a picture for me !! 

 What do you think ? 

Erin x

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  1. Ahhh it looks like so much fun!! Glad you had a good time Erin! <3
    Everything looks so beautiful, how nice that you got to be in the front row!

    Jemma xx

    1. It was so amazing !!! Sitting in the front row was such an incredible treat ! Thanks so much for commenting <3

  2. Looks like you had a fantastic time and great photos!
    I got to use the olympus pen too at the clothes show and really enjoyed it :)
    I also did a blog post about the clothes show and the olympus pen :)


    1. Thanks for commenting, I'll be sure to check your post out x

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