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Hi Everyone!

Today I'm going to introduce you to four fantastic bloggers that I have been obsessed with all month! I read so many blogs during the month but these four were my favourite and I kept going back to their blogs. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to find new blogs, even though there are thousands, probably millions out there, but here are four fabulous blogs that you need to be following!

Rachbeautique : Rachael is the fab blogger behind Rachbeautique. She does a mix between beauty, makeup, skincare etc. She is currently studying beauty therapy in college so keep an eye on her blog for lots of tips and tricks. I unfortunately haven't gotten the chance to meet her yet, but she seems like such a lovely genuine lady. I also love reading her posts as she gives great detail and always has fab pictures! My fave post from her this month was THIS one.

Pamslivelovefashion :  Pam is the wonderful lady behind Pamslivelovefashion. I have actually had the pleasure to meet Pam a couple of times at different blogging events and she is so nice and warm and welcoming! I love her blog, it's probably one of my favourite fashion blogs of all time. I love her style of writing and whenever she posts, I just have to read it straight way! My fave post from her this month was THIS one.

Passionsandpreening : The beautiful Alison is the amazing blogger behind Passionsandpreenings. I've never met Alison but feel like I've known her years. She's absolutely lovely. When I was going through a difficult time in August with my health, she was there every day on snapchat with kind words. Aside from being an absolute dote, she's a great blogger, she also makes YouTube videos too so make sure you check that out and subscribe. Alison writes great reviews and you should def check out her blog. My fave post from her this month was THIS one.

Rebelle - Ution  : Priscilla is the gorgeous blogger behind this blog. Priscilla is a fellow Limerick blogger and we get on really well. I always admire Priscilla's blog, she's such a talented writer and really inspirational. She writes about body confidence, beauty, her amazing tattoos and sex.  This month she wrote THIS  post and it really resonated with me. She is so brave for sharing the correct information about abortion (as it's illegal to do so here in Ireland) I'm sure it helped lots of people, it definitely helped me! Definitely go and check out her blog!

So they are the fab bloggers that I've been loving this month!
What blogs have you been loving ?

Erin X
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  1. Love it! I actually hadn't heard of any of these - Love finding new blogs! (Especially Irish ones) 😘


    1. Really, aw delighted to share them, you'll love them! x

  2. Yay new blogs to read :) Love how supportive Irish Bloggers are :)


    1. Delighted to help! Me too Irish bloggers are awesome! :)


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