The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Face Mask Review

This face mask has been SOLD OUT worldwide pretty much ever since it was released! I was lucky enough to have bought it just before the hype began and just happened to have a voucher! I had heard Laura from Laura's Views compare it to the Glam Glow mask, which I'v never tried, but she said it was basically the same but half the price. So out I went and bought it and just in time too. I think they've only just restocked, perfect timing with Christmas coming up!

How do you use it? I like to use a brush to apply masks but you can use your fingers too. Apply a layer of the mask all over your face but avoid the eye and lip area. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, or until it dries and then with warm with and a cotton pad, start to remove the mask in circular motions.

The result? I have slightly mixed feelings on this mask to be honest. I think it's a fantastic mask and I'm glad I have it. When it dries you can see how much crap it's pulled out of your pores, disgusting but oddly satisfying! It can get a little tingly at times but nothing major. However the removal process for me is not something I particularly enjoy! I have quite sensitive skin and if I'm the slightly bit quick or rough when removing the mask or leave it on too long I get red blotches and my skin can be little irritated.

I find the best way to use this mask is to apply a very thing layer, leave it on for 5 minutes and then with a cotton pad soak the area you're about to remove, making it all wet again as it lifts much easier. I always use a hydrating mask or moisturizer afterwards as it can leave your skin quite tight.  I always notice a difference in my skin immediately. It looks far less congested and just generally clean and clearer.

If you have extremely sensitive skin, maybe leave this mask and try Mask of Magnaminty from Lush. Otherwise this is a lovely mask that works wonders for oily/ acne prone skin. Also it's 100% vegan which is great!

Have you tried this mask? What did you think?

Erin X
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  1. Great post Erin, I haven't tried it yet but good to know how to remove it for when I eventually get my hands on it!


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