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Last Friday I was invited alongside 20 top fashion bloggers to the #LimerickStyle event. The aim of the event was to showcase some of the amazing boutiques and businesses right here in Limerick. I was delighted to be able to take part.  It was a marvelous day that started off in the luxurious Savoy Hotel on Henry Street. On arrival, the first thing I noticed was the Christmas decorations & display. The garland and fairy lights that surround the entrance, a massive Christmas tree just inside the door, the hanging chandeliers that just ooze luxury and the smell, oh my god, heaven! You can see it all in my video linked at the end of this post! I was greeted by the manager and escorted upstairs to the rest of the bloggers. We enjoyed a champagne breakfast that included a big delicious fry up and of course, gorgeous champagne. We were treated like royalty in the Savoy by the staff (although any time I've been to the Savoy, I've been treated like royalty, the staff go above and beyond for their customers). We were all given a goody bag & took some professional photos and off we went to the first of our stops...

Our first stop was O Donnells Boutique on Catherine Street. If you haven't been in this store before, I'd highly recommend it. It is spacious, has the most gorgeous clothes and above all great prices. The store even won the award for best ladies fashion store this year! They have lots of different items in there, hats, jewellery, coats, dresses! I'd actually never been in there before but was delighted to have been shown around. I'll be back in for sure.

Next we went over to Lily. Limerick is home to Ireland's only Lily store with over 850 of them world wide. The store is actually owned by the same owner of O'Donnells boutique. Again I'd actually never been into this store but I was overwhelmed by the beautiful pieces of clothing on display. The store itself is bright, fun and trendy. Each item was genuinely amazing. It felt like every time I turned around in that shop there was something so new and different. If you're in Limerick definitely pop into Lily and have a browse around. 

Our next stop was Ryans Jewellers on Roches Street. Here we got to try on engagement rings....Need I say any more?? I was obsessed. So much sparkle. I was particularly in awe of an elephant necklace that they had on display. If you know me, you'll know I am beyond obsessed with elephants so I couldn't help but love the little dainty necklace with the cutest little elephant on the end. As for the engagement rings, I was in my element, let's be fair, there are worse ways to spend a Friday morning.

Up next was Vision 2 opticians on  Henry Street. We all had so much fun trying on the different styles and shapes of glasses. I show you a few in my video down below. I also learned that Vision 2 have the glasses with the blue screen block effect. In case you haven't heard of that before, basically I spend my life looking at a screen, be it for work, college or leisure. As a result my eyes are effected by the strong blue light that shines through the screens. By wearing a blue screen blocking pair of glasses, I can make sure my eyes aren't damaged. So you can literally pick any pair of glasses you want and then they will add the coating that protects your eyes. The cost is either €49 or €89 depending on the strength you want. I think I'll be investing in these after Christmas.

We also enjoyed a delicious lunch courtesy of Aroi Asian Cuisine who are located on O'Connell Street.  There were three different options and I went for fried pineapple rice & pork! YUM!!!

After lunch we headed up to the The Attic, a fabulous bridal boutique on Roches Street. The moment you walk in, it's so calm, bright and above all things, white!! I was in heaven looking at all of the wedding dresses. Some of the girls even tried on some. There was a stunning model, modelling all the different styles of dresses for us. I was just in awe. It was also really interesting to get a bit of the back story with some of the dresses, where they were made, the designers etc and to get tips on when you should start looking for dresses and all that jazz (12 months at least by the way).

Our last fashion store of the day was The Ivory Closet on Shannon Street. I was blown away by the gorgeous ball gowns and evening dresses. Another model was there to try on and show us all the dresses. Such beautiful dresses, honestly the most elegant gowns I've ever seen. They were the kind of designer inspired outfits you'd see on the red carpet at a big movie premier or something. AMAZING!!!

Then we enjoyed some Afternoon Tea in the Hook and Ladder on Sarsfield Street. I'd never been in there before but couldn't get over how peaceful and cute the restaurant was. It was like suddenly you weren't in the middle of busy limerick city but somewhere completely different away from all the hustle and bustle. If you go in there, I recommend heading down stairs to the booths with all the lovely cushions and fairy lights! We were treated to some delicious bites, my favourite was of course the Rocky Road Biscuit cake! 

Our very last stop of the day was in Ted's Bar for some Christmas Cocktails. Ted's Bar opened up only 6 weeks ago and I can already tell, it's the place to be. It's quirky, has great music and the best thing? The cocktails. Perfectly sweet and totally Instagram worthy. We were also treated to a little goody bag that had macaroons in them. Divine!!!

And after that it was time to go home! I had such an amazing time, I cannot thank the organizers and the businesses enough. It was just brilliant and great to have an event finally in Limerick, so that I can show off this fantastic city. Also most of the businesses gave away prizes, although I didn't win any they were incredibly generous. I genuinely cannot get over how amazing these businesses are. Please please take a few minutes the next time you're in the city and check them out. Especially the Savoy, I've already organised to have our annual Christmas drinks with the girls there as I just thought it was such a stunning place to relax and treat ourselves coming up to Christmas.

Below is my Vlog of the day. It's included in my weekly vlog so if you're not interested in my trip to Galway then you can cut to 11.30 in the video! Thank you so much for reading! 

Erin X

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