Sleek Colour Correcting Palette Review

If you've read THIS post then you'll know I'm a little bit obsessed with colour correctors! I'm determined to try them all and report back on which ones actually do the job! I've had the sleek colour correcting palette for close to three months now so my opinion on it is fairly solid at this stage!

So what is a colour corrector and why are they so good? Basically a colour corrector neutralizes a particular colour in your skin to give you a blank canvas before applying the rest of your makeup. For example, I had acne for years which has left me with lots of red scars on my chin and jawline. I usually use the green corrector to cancel out the redness in my skin. It essentially conceals it. So when I go to apply my foundation, the redness is already concealed and I have a blank canvas to do my makeup.

This palette is broken up into six different shades (all cream, as most colour correcting palettes). Here's the purpose of all six shades...

Green -  neutralizes redness, great for covering any scars.
Lilac - neutralizes yellowness of the skin ie. brightens dull skin.
Blue - neutralizes orange, this is good if you want to cover any freckles.
Rose - really brightens the skin, I apply it to the high points of my face to act as a highlighter.
Yellow - neutralizes purples & reds, good for covering dark circles & red cheeks.
Orange - neutralizes blue, ie. under eye circles.

The main colours I use are the green (on my chin and jawline), the yellow ( on my cheeks) and the rose (on the high points of my face, ie. cheekbones, cupids bow etc). I don't really need to use the other shades but they're handy to have. The palette itself is a lovely size, it's quite sturdy, easy to open and has a handy mirror on the inside lid. It's ideal for travelling with as it's thin, light and doesn't take up much room.

Is it any good? Yes it's brilliant, I really do love it. I've already hit pan on the yellow. It's very creamy which means it's easy to blend. I usually apply it with a small stippling brush or with my fingers, then use Blank Canvas F20 to blend it out. After blending it out, it almost melts into your skin and that's when the magic happens!  It's not too oily or too stiff, it really is wonderful. I think it would be best suited to people with normal to dry skin types as it is a cream product. I also find that whatever foundation I wear over it always seems to last that little bit longer too. I also think it's worth mentioning that I have about 6 colour correcting palettes from different brands and since I got this one, I haven't even thought of picking up the others.

This nifty little palette is only €8.99 and available on as well as! Have you ever tried a colour corrector? What did you think? 

Erin X 
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  1. Dead on review. This is the only colour corrector that actually does the job for me. Most of them are too oily for my skin but this is perfect

    1. Thanks Claire! Some of them can be kinda greasy but this one is just perfect!


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