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Over the years I've tried out a good few products from Lancome. Recently at a Lancome event I bought one of their limited edition Christmas Gift Boxes. Inside that was the Énergie De Vie liquid moistuiriser, the Énergie De Vie Nuit Sleeping Mask and their Hypnose Mascara. I've used all three products for well over a month now so I thought I'd review them along with some bits I already had! Here's what I thought...

From left to right - Eye cream, serum, night mask, moisturiser and cleanser.

The Absolue Yeux and Advanced Genifique are only samples but pretty decent ones, they've lasted almost two months now. The Absolue Yeux is an eye cream. It's a little thick so a little amount goes a long way. I do really like it, I feel like it genuinely does something. I would find that underneath my eyes can get quite dry and whenever I use this, they seem to be much more hydrated. My concealer applies better and my eyes don't look as puffy. So it's a big thumbs up for the Absolue Yeux. I also really like the Advanced Genifique even though I hate saying that because the full size is a whopping €75!! It goes on really easily, sinks into your skin quick so it doesn't get sticky and in the morning my face feels so soft after using it. I really like using it but couldn't justify the price of the full size product.

The Énergie De Vie Nuit is a Sleeping Mask so you apply it just before going to bed, leave it on all night and wash it away the next morning. I really like this. It has a kind of gel formula that's cooling at night. I find it very good for hydrating my skin especially during these winter months. Yet again this product has a heavy price tag. The full sized version is €66!!! It's a nice mask but I don't think it's worth THAT much to be honest.

Next up is the Énergie De Vie liquid moisturiser. I have tried this so many different ways at different times of the day, I've stuck with it for nearly two months now and given it a very fair chance. But I don't like it. I know that might come as a shock as I know so many people LOVE it but I just found it didn't really do anything. I like the fact that it's a liquid rather than a cream, that's cool and felt nice and light on my skin. It sank into my skin in decent time and wasn't sticky but I can't help but feel quite disappointed by it. I just found it didn't plump up my skin, add any extra hydration, it doesn't have any SPF so I didn't really have any benefits from it! The price of it is €59, I'd say save your money and get the Body Shop's Drops of Youth moisturizer instead.

Lastly is the Galateis Douceur which is a cream cleanser. It's reasonably priced at €27 as it will last you ages. Each bottle has 200mls and I'm currently on my third bottle. I don't usually like cream cleansers but this is the exception. I find most cream cleansers to be quite heavy and can leave a lot of residue on my skin. This one is the opposite, it's light, it's easy to work into the skin and leaves my skin feeling soft but clean. I like to use it by adding a few pumps to my hands and massaging it into my face then wiping it away with a cotton pad. I do find if you apply the cleanser to the cotton pad first you lose a lot of the product as it's soaked up by the pad. I'd definitely recommend this, I usually use it in the morning as it's quick and easy.

So there you have it a quick fire round review at the bits of Lancome skincare that I have! DO you use any Lancome products? If so what do you think? 

Erin X
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  1. Great review, really liked the same I received from and it was a good sized sample, might actually buy the full bottle when I get paid!

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