#IrishBloggerGetFit - Week 2

Hi Everyone!

So following on from last week (which you can read about here) I started strong. I was more determined and motivated. I had a plan and for the most part I stuck to it. They say that the second week is always the hardest, but after a disastrous week 1, there was no where to go but up! I made an eating plan and sent it to Claire to make sure it was ok, with her help I created a pretty good food plan that I'll be sticking to for this week too.

So Monday was great, did my workout, kept to the food plan. Tuesday however did not go well. The PMS Monster arrived and I spent most of the day in bed nursing a sore tummy. There was also a lot going on and mentally I wasn't in a great place so I had a pack of M&Ms and a mug of Hot chocolate. To be perfectly honest, I don't regret it. There's no point in denying myself something that I REALLY REALLY want as it's something that won't last long term. This is a lifestyle change not a diet. So I figure it's OK to give in sometimes.

Wednesday and Thursday were good, I had another two crappy days but I forced myself out into the cold and did my workouts.  Friday came around and it was time for my cheat meal and boy did I cheat! I ordered myself a delicious satay chicken and fried rice from the chinese and a can of coke. I also missed my workout because I was just exhausted after a crappy week.

Saturday and Sunday went ok too, woke up super early on Saturday to make sure I did my workout. I did 2.7km in 24 minutes. Hopefully my timing will get better the more I train. I did well with food too. Sunday diet wise was good but I didn't get my workout in unfortunately life gets in the way sometimes.

I feel good about week 2! I lost 1.4 pounds which I am delighted with. I think my biggest fall down was preparing lunches. I did excellently with breakfast and dinners but lunches were a struggle. So my aim is to do super well diet wise this week and really stick to my plan. I also want to keep up the workouts and really test myself.

I hope you all had a great week!

Erin X
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