Botanics Night Cream Review

Hi Everyone! 

Today I'm talking about the Botanics All Bright hydrating night cream. I have been intrigued by the Botanics range ever since it launched in Boots. I love the simple pretty packaging and have heard fantastic reviews.So when Boots had a special offer on I decided I would pick up the All bright night cream. It was only €4 and it's been well worth every penny. 

I really really like this night cream. It's only slightly scented, which I like because sometimes if a cream is too scented it can irritate my skin or the smell might just annoy me. So Boots mission statement is " The Botanics radiant Youth Skincare range is bursting with natural antioxidants to help skin stay younger longer" Essentially, it's promising to hydrate you skin and brighten it. But does it actually work...

 For me it definitely does. I got my skin analysed by the lovely Olivia in Elizabeth Arden Shaws counter in the Crescent recently. The results said that my top layer of skin in certain areas (around my nose, forehead etc) were quite dry but the layer underneath that was very hydrated. Olivia said that whatever products I had been using were definitely working. I owe my hydration levels to this night cream as I'm a divil for drinking water. To help with the dryness on the top layer, I just need to exfoliate more.

So this cream definitely works, I always notice a difference if i don't use it. My skin isn't as soft or as bright. I am too young to know whether or not it is any good at preventing ageing but I'm sure it doesn't do a bad job. The consistency of the cream is quite thick, it almost feels like a serum rather than a moisturiser. The tub has 50ml in it and to be honest, I've had this tub since June and I've barely made a dent in it so it will last you ages!

I love love love this stuff and for only €4, a complete steal! I will definitely be repurchasing and I'm eager to try out the Botanics day cream too.

Have you tried anything from the Botanics range ?

Erin X

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  1. Great review. I'd love to learn more about your skin analysis!

    1. Really I've a catch up with Olivia in the next few weeks so I might do a blog post on it!

  2. I love their Triple Age Renewal Hydrating Eye Serum, eye creams can be so expensive but this was cheap as chips and I can't fault it :)


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