My Christmas Wishlist!

Hi Everyone!

Now that we're well into November, I have absolutely no shame is talking about Christmas! Christmas is my favourite time of year, so exciting! As you'll know from THIS post, I'm not great when it comes to receiving presents. I much prefer to give them. I've been told I'm very hard to buy for so I'm done up a Christmas Wishlist for those who are going to buy me a present but haven't a notion what to get me. Disclaimer -  I will be super thrilled with any present that anyone gets me, this post is just for those who would rather get me something they know I'll love than guess what I'd like.

Plum Handbag : I seen this bag in Newlook and I just think it's gorgeous, it's big and sturdy enough for me to carry both my college work and all the stuff I bring in and out to the office everyday. It's also just gorgeous!

Sleek Makeup Face Form - I have been eyeing this up for months, but haven't actually seen it at any of the sleek stands that I've been to. I've heard amazing things about it so I'd love to get my hands on it!

Origins Face Mask - I've heard so many amazing things about the face mask, I'd love to try it out. But at €30 I can never justify it on my student budget so this would be a lovely treat !

NeoStrata Enlighten Illuminating Serum : Neostrata is a brand that I adore, I've heard great things about this serum and I'd love to get my hands on it!

A holiday - This one I will admit is cheeky considering I'm off to berlin in a few weeks but I have gotten the travelling bug and I'm obsessed with Amsterdam. I'd love to go there for a long weekend!

Boots - I really need a good pair of winter boots that are really warm and comfy for when I go to Berlin, I love the look of these ones from New Look, they look super comfy and they look like they'd go with any outfit!

Books -  I love books, especially books like the So Sue books which are super inspirational, I'd love to read both Suzanne's books and Joanne Larby's new book ' FairyTales'.

NeoStrata Spot Treatment - Again I love Neostrata and have heard amazing things, so this would be a lovely little stocking filler.

Nutribullet - I love making smoothies, but the blender I have now is getting a little old and I think it's time to upgrade. What I love about the Nutribullet is how easy it is to NOT make a mess! It's expensive but I would definitely get  lots of use out of it!

Of course there's lots of things I would like but I'd be happy with anything! 
What's on your Christmas wishlist ?

Erin X 

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  1. The Sleek palette is lovely, although it doesn't last very long on the skin (well on my skin anyway!). You should definitely invest in a Nutribullet - Life changing!

    1. Oh really, I've never heard that before, i will def keep that in mind! I really think I might! x

  2. LOVE that bag and those boots look really comfy too. Hear great things about the nutribullet, though I recently replaced my blender with a K-Mix, so far I love it :)

    1. I really like the boots! So have I, love the fact that it's so efficient to clean!

  3. Great post! I would definitely be adding a little Charlotte Tilbury in there!

  4. aw love this post!! hope u get most if not all :D xx

  5. Love those New Look boots. am in need of something like that for heading to Amsterdam in the snow! x

  6. Such a nice wish list! The Sleek palette looks amazing! Always wanted to try that Origins mask :)


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