My Travel Essentials

I'm not a great traveler at the best of times. I feel very sick if I'm travelling for longer than an hour, so when I need to travel long distances, there are a few things that I like to have to make me forget where I am and make me feel relaxed. So after being on holiday last week I thought I'd share some of my essential items with you...

A Good Book - I think that getting lost in a good book is brilliant for passing time and forgetting where you are. I always bring a good of feel good books with me whenever I travel so that I can be in a positive head space.

Headphones - If you're travelling on a plane or bus or train or anywhere within close proximity to a lot of people, make sure you have noise cancelling headphones or earphones. Last week I was stuck sitting n front of a mother trying to occupy two little boys, now don't get me wrong, I understand that children can get very loud and excited or grumpy on long flights. But when the mother is literally talking so loud that she might as well of been shouting ( for four hours straight), my noise cancelling headphones were a lifesaver  !!

Phone/Laptop/Ipod - Another easy way to pass time is to watch a movie or your favourite TV series. Or write up some blog posts, edit some videos, have a good auld brainstorming session. Having your phone or laptop can make you forget where you are and concentrate on something productive.

Medication - If you get bad travel sickness or headaches while travelling, always bring some medication. I always bring some paracetamol, just in case I get a bad headache. It's also handy to have them in case someone else needs some.

Water - Depending on how you're travelling always remember to keep yourself hydrated. If you're flying, then drink as much as you can because the air in planes dries out your skin and makes you very dehydrated. However if you're on a bus with no toilet, maybe just take regular sips haha !

So they are my travelling essentials, what are yours ?

Erin X

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  1. Awww those are great things to have while you are travelling xx thanks for those amazing advises. They are truly life savers XD
    P.S the woman that had her 2 boys has just made my day XP

  2. Oh you would hate to be travelling with me and my 2 girls lol they aren't so bad though they like to have their leappads and headphones too ;) great post xx

  3. My another travel essential besides those you mentioned is lipbalm. My lips always get dry when I travel!


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