Life Update!

Hello internet friends !

I feel as if I haven't sat down to write a blog post in years, I realise it's only been about a week but for me that's like a year! Instead of doing the usual Manicure Monday, I thought I'd explain why I've been so quiet and all over the place...

First things first, I got a job and a freaking amazing one at that! I am now working with a fantastic social media company. I have the job of my dreams. But of course now that I have a job, I have a lot less time to blog. That's ok though, I just need to get into a routine and be more organised. I'm really excited for the future now and it's all because of this little blog.

Speaking of this blog, I'm making some changes. I've decided to get a little bit more serious with it, so I'm switching platforms! I'm leaving Blogger and heading over to squarespace. Yes I'll have to pay monthly but I'll also have my own domain and host. Now that I have a job I can guarantee that I'll have the money to pay for it. I have also decided to rebrand the blog. I'm having a designer do up a header and logo for me and I'm also changing the name. I do really like 'Chasing Rubies Chasing Pearls' but it's just too long. At events when people ask my blog name, it comes out all mumbled and no one will ever remember it. So I'm changing it to 'Chasing Ruby Chat' just like my YouTube name.

That leads perfectly into my next little bit of news. Well it's not really news but anyway, I've decided that I'm going to be a beauty and lifestyle blogger/youtuber. Today I'm officially eight months blogging and I've found that I really love blogging about beauty and positive things and my life experiences. So I'll be sticking to those areas from now on. On my YouTube I'll be doing beauty related videos as well as vlogs. I really hope you all like the changes. I'll be switching blog platforms hopefully by the end of the week.

As for another update, you will definitely know by now that I've been on holiday (I've banged on about it for like a month). While I had an amazing time on holiday, I was a little sad and frustrated. The reason for this was solely because I hated the way I looked. Over the past two years I've put on a lot of weight. At the start of this year, I attempted the 100 fit days challenge and failed miserably. I don't think that I was mentally ready to change my lifestyle. But on holiday something finally clicked and I've already begun changing different aspects on my lifestyle. I don't think I'll be posting about my journey too often if even at all. The last time I did that I thought it would motivate me, but instead it just put too much pressure to get results. Now that I have a full time job, a blog and a YouTube channel and some sort of a social life to keep me busy, I don't want to feel too pressured to lose weight and all that. I just want to take it at my own pace. However, I will be keeping everyone on snapchat up to date with what I'm eating and what exercises I do, so if you do want to follow my journey, you can do so there. My username is 'chasingrubychat' .

Lastly, I've joined Periscope and I did my first broadcast not too long ago. I did a quick skincare routine as my acne has finally (after nearly a decade) started to get better and my skin is starting to clear up. I'd love if you all went over and followed me. I only joined a week ago and I'm already becoming addicted. I did a how I cover my acne broadcast this morning too and I'll be doing a livestream on how I remove makeup broadcast tonight. So make sure you check them out, my username on that is the same as twitter (@chasingrubies2).

So that's why I've been absent recently. I really will be back soon with a much prettier blog with much better content. Thank you all for the continued support with this blog. I can't believe how much blogging has changed me as a person and I'm so thankful it has. I appreciate each and every one of you that takes the time to read my blog posts and comment. Without trying to sound too cliche, it really has changed my life.

What's been going on with all of you recently ?

Erin X
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  1. great post Erin! Congrats on your new job and wishing you all the very best with your new blog and your transfer from blogger! Very happy for you with what's happening in your life xx

  2. Lovely post :) Congratulations on the new job :) So exciting - I'd love a job like that :D


  3. Congratulations on your new job.

  4. Love your blog Hun! And so excited to see the changes! Congratulations on the new job too! Well deserved! Keep up the good work! :) xx


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