June Favourites !

Hello ! This month has been great for me. I officially started my new job and it's going pretty damn well. I've had some exciting news about my blog and opportunities have come my way (all will be revealed soon). I have decided to completely change blog platforms and hopefully will be on squarespace by the end of the week. I've had very busy weekends and barely had any time to myself, which is ok, I like to be busy. I think June was one of those months that will set up the next few months, or at least I hope so. It hasn't always been sunshine and lollipops this month, I have of course had down days too but for once I haven''t let those down days  turn into down weeks and I'm so happy about that. Anyway now I'm rambling, I hope you enjoy this months favourites, it's the first time I've recorded a favourites video so I'd love some feedback !!

What have you been loving this month ?

Erin X
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  1. Fabulous Erin :) Keep up the good work dear


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