Manicure Monday

Hello friends! I'm so happy to be back blogging after a week away on holiday. I will admit that while the weather was just divine, I really did miss blogging so I'm delighted to be back on track. While I was on holiday, I wanted to wear nail polishes that would look good with a tan. For this reason I brought along the P.S.Love polish in the blue colour. As far as I can tell, they haven't given it a name or number.

I hadn't tried the nail polishes from this brand but had heard good things. So for €1.50 I simply had to try it. I'll start with the things I like. I like the colour itself however it is a bit dark for summer time. I like the packaging, I think the glass bottle makes it seem more fancy or high end. I like the brush, it gives an even coverage on the nails.

 Unfortunately for me that's where the things I like about it END. The formula is really cheap and the colour looks cheap on your nails. It doesn't dry evenly and needs about 3 coats. Even with a base and top coat, it still chips very quickly. After only a few hours of wearing it I noticed chips.

I really do not like this polish and won't be repurchasing this colour or buying any of the other colours. It's an awful pity because I love some of the other products from the PS Love range, but for me this was a  major let down ! I really wouldn't recommend it.

Has anyone else tried this nail polish or the PS Love range ? What are your thoughts on it ?

Erin X
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