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Hi everyone!

I’m Caroline from Summer of ’69 and I’m going to be writing today’s post for Chasing  Rubies Chasing Pearls (hope you don’t mind!)

So for this post I thought I’d talk about my current favourite red lipstick line, and its in the form of the L’Oreal Paris Collection Exclusive range, which I have fallen head over heals in love with.

I don't think I've ever been as excited over a lipstick range before as I have with these, and I simply had to share my love of them with the internet; they're just that damn good. The L'Oreal Collection Exclusive range is the sister range to the uber successful Collection Privee range. The difference between the two is that the Privee range was nudes and the Exclusive range is reds. The range consists of the L'Oreal ambassadors; Eva, Blake, Julianne and Liya, all of whom you would have seen on either TV adverts, billboards, magazine spreads etc. They have developed their own personal red lipstick, giving you a better idea of what colour is best suited to you as you can compare your skin tone with the ambassador. 

I have one lipstick from the Privee range, in Cheryl's Nude, and in all honesty I hated it. I thought the colour was beautiful but it had no pigmentation and looked like I put a clear gloss on. This resulted in me being reluctant to try out the Exclusive range, but I couldn't have been more wrong...

First off, just look at that packaging! The black snakeskin effect tube with the gold band around the middle is just simply stunning. I love the L'Oreal Paris imprint in the gold band too, it just feels so luxurious. I also think that the ambassador's signature written in gold on the front is a cute little touch too. Not only does the packaging look expensive, but it also feels luxurious too. They don't have the cheap plastic feel to them, which is really nice, as it feels like you're holding something far more special.

I have Eva's Red and Blake's Red, and both colours are just simply beautiful. Eva's Red is more of a burned red (its a very difficult colour to describe), whereas Blake's Red it a more classic pillar box red, very beautiful. Both of these colours are super pigmented and one coat will give you full opacity. 

I love that this range is purely matte forumlas as I only ever wear matte red lipstick. However these are the most creamy matte lipsticks I think I've ever owned. They literally feel so smooth and just glide on. And because they contain jojoba oil, once they're on, they feel moisturising and hydrating all day long. There's nothing worse than a matte lipstick that feels as though its drying your lips up!

They last for a very long time too, I usually get around 5 hours of wear out of them, and they fade to a pretty subtle stain that's even (we all dread the red ring!)

I honestly can't say a bad word about them. They're everything a red lipstick should be and then some. And can you believe that these retail for only £6.99? I'd honestly pay 4 times the amount for that because they scream quality and can rival the higher end brands on every aspect. Well done L'Oreal!

Have you tried this range yet? If so what did you think?
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  1. I really love the colour of these lipsticks, great post. xox


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