2015 Wishlist

Hello lovelies ! I'm back today with another wishlist. I have decided to stop impulse buying. Instead for getting lots of random bits and pieces, I'm going to try and build up my wardrobe with some basic essentials. For example the two high-waisted pair of jeans, one in black and one is blue denim. I love high waisted jeans, I always find them so much more comfortable. I also want to get some new workout gear. I'm going to really try and get into fitness this year. But first I need some new gear ! I have been wanting a watch forever, I haven't gotten one yet because I'm so fussy. I want a watch that will compliment every outfit I wear. I found this watch with changeable straps on asos, I think it's perfect because there is so much variation, it will go with everything. I really want to step up my photography this year, but living in Ireland where it's cloudy and miserable most days proves for very dull natural light. So I'm opting for artificial lights. If you have any recommendations please let me know in the comments. And lastly but by no means least shoes, I love my boots drom New look but they're a little too high to be walking in and out of college all day every day, so I really want some Chelsea boots. I found these beauties in New Look and think they'd be perfect. I'm also in serious need for some new heels and these misguided ones are just beautiful.The platform lace up boots are just fabulous and would really just be a treat to myself as I don't actually need them. I have left all the links down below incase you want any of these beauties !

Black Boots

What's on your wishlist this year ? Let me no in the comments.

Erin x
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  1. I wish I could build up my wardrobe with simple pieces that will mix n' match too! I am kind of tired of what I have but I had a good rummage around the Boxing Day sales and picked up some lovely things to freshen it up a bit.

    Im from the North and yes I can relate, it is NOT easy to take blog photos in that horrible light! I had the lights on in my house at 3pm yesterday! If you purchase any artificial lights let me know, I'd be keen to get some too but I am unsure of which ones to go for.

    Emma | The Fashion Six

    1. Ooh lovely, I stayed away from the sales but seriously need to freshen up my wardrobe, hopefully a little shopping this week will sort me out ! It's ridiculous the amount of grey days recently ! I will of course lovely !

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