Fave Bloggers/Vloggers in January

Hi everyone ! Today I want to share a bit of blogging love, and tell you all about my favourite bloggers this month. I'm going to do this every month from now on. I think this is a great way to find new blogs and I have found great blogs because of posts like this. So the following are who I've been reading non stop this month !


  • In SAMazement : I just love this blog ! Sam is so beautiful and so talented. I have really enjoyed her blog this month. She is brilliant at nail art and creates some amazing designs. Some of my favourite posts of hers this month include FOTD - A Pop of Pink Lipstick and Sparkly Pink Ombre Chevron Nail Art . If you haven't already checked her out, you really should.  Click HERE to see her blog.
  • Cardigan Jezebel : A fellow Irish blogger, Meggan does a mix of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. This month, particularly in the last week I have been loving her beauty posts. I love her style of writing and find her posts a great read. Some of my faves include Ultimate Hair Inspiration and Four Favourites: Lush Skincare . Click HERE to see her blog.
  • Becky Bedbug : I really love Becky's blog. I think her blog layout and design is really pretty and her content is second to none. She is also the host of the #fbloggers chat which is one of my faves. I really enjoy her OOTD's especially THIS and THIS one. I love her confidence and style . You can check out her blog HERE !
  • My Daily Wear : My Daily Wear is run by the lovely Izabela Nair. I ADORE her OOTD's because they're genuine OOTD's not perfectly styled outfits put together for the sake of an OOTD post. Two of my fave outfits this month were Floral Dress and Just Another Dose of Monochrome 
  • ChrissyLilly : Another Irish blogger with a fab blog ! I only came across this blog at the start of the month and already it's one of my faves. I love her writing style and content. Some of my favourite posts from this month are Can I Be A Writer and Investing In Your Blog .
  • Lemon Freckles : I recently found this blog, only about two weeks ago, but I'm so happy I did find it. I absolutely adore Toni's blog design and photography ! I love reading through her posts and get excited when I see a post of hers pop up on bloglovin. Some of my posts this month were Saving Memories and Bedroom Details.

Favourite Vloggers
I have been loving the following three YouTubers all month, they're all Irish too which fills me with pride as I love seeing some of my own really succeed !
  • Facesbygrace : I found Facesbygrace's youtube through Melanie Murphy ( another fab Irish vlogger) and I am so happy I did. I think I subscribed after watching about two videos which is rare because I usually watch about 10/15 videos before I actually subscribe ! I'm obsessed with her vlogs, she's so natural at vlogging and it's genuinely a pleasure to watch. I also love her beauty tutorials and haul videos. If you haven't checked her out yet HERE is the link to her youtube.
  • The Beautiful Truth : I'm a huge fan of Sinead's blog and I knew when she set up her youtube I'd love that too. I was not disappointed in the slightest. Sinead is a beauty blogger/vlogger and one of my faves at that ! She set up her YT about 3/4 months ago and since then has produced really helpful make up tutorials. One of my favourite videos was her Disappointing Products of 2014. This video is why I love her, she so genuinely honest about products! I can't wait for more videos, you can check out her YT HERE.
  • Letz Makeup: I recently found Siobhan's channel through the Into The West Blogging Network. I quickly fell in love with her videos and spent way too long watching lots of videos from her channel. One of my favourite videos is Rihanna of Arabia' Makeup Tutorial. Siobhan is such a talented make up artist and is very good at making complicated looking makeup looks easy ! I subscribed after about 3 videos which as I said above is very rare ! You can check out her YT HERE.

So they're my favourite bloggers and vloggers this month. Who have been your favourite this month?

Erin X
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  1. Wow, thank you so much for including me with so many amazing bloggers/vloggers! I hope I keep inspiring you :)

    Chrissy x

  2. I'm honoured to be included on the list. Thank you so much

    Izabela xx

  3. awe thanks so much hun. never had a mention on someone blog before. you doll :) xxx

  4. I'll have to check them out . xox


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