Dripping Gold by SoSu Tan Review

For well over a year now I've been hearing rave reviews about the Dripping Gold tan, so I was very intrigued by it. The reason I didn't get it when it launched was that I felt any tan over €20 would really want to be worth it so I sat back and waited for all the reviews to come in so I could make a more informed decision. I often find when new products launch to the market, everyone loves them and it's a 'must have', but I find it interesting to see if after a few months, people are still using it and whether or not they're still raving about it.

This after picture is directly after application, it continues to darken over the next few hours

So after waiting long enough, just before Christmas I bit the bullet and bought a bottle. I picked up the travel sized version in the shade medium to dark. I think it was about €14 in Penneys. I half expected to hate it because it is very hyped up and I didn't think it actually could meet my expectations. But it did. OMG it was love at first use!!! I even went back and bought the full sized version in Ultra Dark!  I usually hate lotions because they take forever to dry in and I guess I just have that many great experiences with them. Honestly I could write a whole essay as to why I love this tan.

Instead I'll give you the bullet points versions...


  • It dries in quite quickly, quicker than most of my mousse formulas 
  • It gives a beautiful colour
  • It is long lasting, usually get a solid 4 days before I notice it wearing away
  • It doesn't have a very strong tan smell
  • It doesn't destroy my sheets
  • Cruelty Free, Paraben Free, Vegan Friendly 
  • The formula contains lots of skincare benefits, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Goji Berry and Chamomile
  • While I love the look of the packaging, sometimes I find it a little hard to actually get the product out without making a mess.
  • It can be tough to scrub off 

If you haven't guessed by now, I really like it. It's my favourite tan at the moment and I can't see that changing anytime soon. I'd give it 4.9/5, only slightly loosing out on full marks because I think the packaging could be made just a little bit better. Overall though, I'd happily recommend it to everyone and will without a shadow of a doubt be repurchasing again.

Erin X

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