Nenagh Enterprise Town & An Announcement!

This day last week was a big day for me. I stood on a stage in front of a very large group of people, all from my locality and told them all about what I did as a blogger, how I use social media and explaining what Tipperary Hour was. To say I was nervous would be an understatement, I was absolutely terrified. But I was also really grateful that Bank of Ireland thought of me and asked me to speak. I was so excited to see what opportunities it brought.

About 20 minutes after Gavin Duffy finished up, It was my turn. Strangely the minute I started talking I realised that actually I wasn't terrified, I was just really excited. All my nerves disappeared, I was speaking about something that I was passionate about, something that had become a part of my everyday life and something that has shaped me as a person. I was delighted with the reaction. SO many small businesses came up to me afterwards, it was a great feeling.

With that being said, as a result of taking part in the Nenagh Enterprise Town I am launching my own social media workshops. There will be three this year and I'll be doing some next year too. I am so excited to get started!  There will be three different workshops, one on Video & YouTube for beginners, one on Twitter Basics for beginners and lastly one on How to Start A Blog.

All three courses will be on in the Abbey Court Hotel in Nenagh and they are €25 each.

Video & YouTube for Beginners - November 3rd - Book your place now!

Twitter Basics for Beginners - November 10th - Book your place now!

How to Start A Blog - December 1st - Book your place now!

I am so happy and excited for the upcoming weeks! If you have any questions about the workshops please do let me know and I'd really appreciate it if you could share the workshops or this post with anyone who you might think is interested! 

Erin X
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