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Moving away from home can be a little daunting to say the least! Not only do you have to adjust from living with your family to living with strangers, you also now have to deal with starting to be some sort of an adult. When I first moved to college, I had a million lists of  'essentials' that I thought I needed for uni. Turns out most of it was useless and I was missing a lot of ACTUAL essentials. To make live easier for you, I've made a list!

  1. Stuff for your bed - Duvet, duvet covers, pillowcases, sheets, extra pillows and any cushions that you'll want.
  2. Basic Cleaning Products - A bit of washing up liquid, flash, febreze and some sponges will go a long way! 
  3. Ear Plugs - Just trust me on this one! 
  4. Medicine - I like to make a little medicine box at the start of each academic year, filled with paracetemol, lemsip, cough mixture, allergen tablets, pretty much anything you think you may need throughout the year. I tend to buy them on the weeks when I have a little bit more money so that when I need them, they're there! 
  5. Bathroom Essentials - You'll obviously need the everyday essentials like shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, toothpaste etc. But you may also need a bath mat, towels, hand towels, soap, a toilet brush(glamorous I know) and it would be no harm to keep a little first aid kit there too.
  6. Laundry Bag/Basket 
  7. Kitchen essentials - Delph, I cannot recommend this highly enough, bring your own delph with you, it'll save countless arguments with housemates and it means you're never waiting on people to clean up their mess before you can start making food. Also bring along things like wooden spoons, spatulas and chopping boards as a lot of places don't provide you with any.
  8. Stationary - Pens, pencils, notebooks the works!
  9. Academic Diary - This will help you manage your time and keep your schedule.
  10. Electronics - Extension lead, USB, an Ethernet cable, external hard drive, all of these in my opinion are essential, don't forget the hair straighteners & curlers too!
  11. Important Documents - passport, health card, driving licence, medical card, bank cards, travel discount cards, CV. I keep all of these safe and sound in a folder all year and I have it put away out the reach of drunken housemates. 
  12. Umbrella - If you live in Ireland, do I even need to explain?
  13. Clothing Horse - Pretty obvious right? You would be surprised how many people rely on dryers to dry their clothes, which boost the electricity bills like mad. Get yourself a clothing horse and save a lil money!
  14. Small suitcase - For travelling at the weekends, Pennys have a great selection.
  15. Formal clothes - There'll be a lot of balls and fancy nights out in Uni so be prepared!
  16. Photos - This is a personal preference but I love having photos with me in Uni, it makes my room so much more cosy and homey.
  17. Speakers - essential for house parties!
  18. Mini Fridge - This is not exactly an essential, but if you can afford one and have room for it, it'd be brilliant. Most accommodation have really small fridges & freezers and you have to share with like 6 other people! Also having your own fridge will keep your housemates mitts off your food!
  19. Fairy Lights - Again a personal preference, but I just think they can change a room, make it feel warm and cosy!
  20. Pack of Cards! 
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