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Hello Everyone !

So you may or may not have noticed that I've been awfully quiet here on this little blog for the last month or so. I explained a little bit why HERE. Aside from all the personal things that have been going on, I've been redesigning this website. While my old layout and design was fine, it was just fine and I just felt it didn't look very me ish if that makes sense. I much prefer how it looks now.

I had a very talented graphic designer (Jemma from Dorkface blog) do up some designs for a new header and logo, which I am so so happy with !! I've been getting so many compliments so thank you Jemma. I just wanted something that corresponds with my personality and I think Jemma captured my spirit and what my blog is about perfectly. That did take about two weeks, so while Jemma was busy working on the design, I was busy moving my blog to squarespace.

Squarespace I hear you ask ?? I know this post is on blogger, as is my blog. I DID move over to squarespace and I DID have my blog there for all of about five hours. Me and my boyfriend spent all day last Sunday trying to work out the minefield that is squarespace, I even paid for my first month subscription. But for a lot of different reasons, the main one being is that it was too damn difficult to use, I switched back to blogger. And I'm happy I did, I really do love blogger. I'm, so used to it and know how to do everything that I want to do.

This left me back at square one, so I decided to bite the bullet and buy a pre made blogger template. I have had my eye on 'HomeStead' design for aaaaaaaages ! It's $49 which is €45, which is quite a lot but at the same time, I get pretty much the exact design and layout taht I wanted and don't have to pay €12 monthly subscription that I would have, had I stayed with squarespace. SO really €45 isn't that much.

As for my new design, I really REALLY like it. It's more girly and professional looking and just much more ME. There are some things that I want to tweak here and there and I'll do that over time but for now I'm very very happy and I hope that you all like it as much as me, let me know in the comments...

As for the future of this blog, I'm changing things up a bit. Not drastically but just changing elements. As you may know because I've mentioned it a few times, I now work at a social media company and I'm learning so many tips and tricks everyday. SO I want to start a series called Social Media Saturday, to share all the tips that I'm learning. I also have a huge interest in technology so I'd like to do some posts on that topic too.

My schedule from now on will be :

Blogging : I will be uploading most days form now on, roughly 27/28 days of the month.

YouTube :  I will be uploading every Wednesday evening at 5pm and Saturday mornings at 10am

Thanks you so much for reading and for all of your continued support, if there is any specific posts/videos that you'd like me to do then please let me know and any feedback that you have would be greatly  appreciated ! 

Erin X
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  1. Love the new layout looks fab! Really fresh 💕

  2. Lovely Layout!
    Emma xo |

  3. Gorgeous layout.

    Sorry that squarespace didn't work out for you. I'm in the middle of planning to make the move from to (it'll be another couple of weeks), I had looked into squarespace but didn't think it would suit my needs so decided against it.

    1. Thank you, yeah it's a pity alright but at least I'm sorted now ! can't wait to see it when you do switch over.

  4. Great blog update, I love the new look. I also updated my blog a few weeks ago and it gives me a renewed energy for it! x

  5. I know exactly what you mean about getting your site to be more you- it's your interface with the world isn't it, and if it doesn't reflect who you are as a person then I guess it's not really doing it's job. Shame you've had so much messing around but at least you've got it how you want it now.

    Edwin @ Clicks In Motion


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