Pinspiration - Winter Nails

I've never really been into doing my nails, mainly because I'm too lazy to wait for them to dry or get too frustrated when if they're not perfect. However in the past few months I've become a little obsessed with doing my nails and since it's now Winter I started looking for some festive inspiration. I found all of these on Pinterest and I can't wait to try them out !!

This look is very festive but actually looks quite simple so I'm excited to try this out. Found on

This look however seems very complicated and I'm no where near good enough at doing nails to even attempt this but isn't it just fabulous ! Found on

I think this look is adorable andwhile the two little penguins seem achievable I may have to come up with something else for the other nails.Gorgeous idea though ! Found on

I have a feeling that this will be the look I go for the most I just ADORE it !!!! So easy and so so Christmasy. 

Simple but fabulous ! Found on

Love this look, so straightforward I can't wait to try it ! Found on

Do you have any nail inspirations you wanna try ? Have you tried any of the above looks ?
Erin x

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  1. All these are gorgeous, I love Pinterest for nail inspiration too! The snowflake one is my favourite but no idea how I'd even start to attempt it!

    Sinéad xo ♥ fabuleuse, toujours ♥

    1. It's such a great place for inspiration and tutorials !! Thanks for reading x


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