The Liebster Award

I was so happy to hear I'd been nominated for the Liebster Awards by the lovely Taylor from Hey, Tayls! I think this is a great idea to bring small blogs into the limelight.

> Answer the questions that are sent to you

>Nominate 10 bloggers who have under 200 followers on Twitter

>Ask them 12 questions of your own

>Notify them that they've been nominated

Here are Taylor's questions for me :

1. When did you start your blog ? What inspired you to start it ? 

I've been reading lots of different blogs for quite some time and just thought it would be fun to do one myself and share my opinions and thoughts. So I set mine up about a month ago.

2.What is your social media of choice ?
I'm definitely going to go for twitter I love how fast it is, there's constantly something new to read. I do love Instagram too but I've only just set up my account for the blog.

3.If you had to choose only 5 makeup products to use for a year, what would they be ?
Ooh a tough one, I'd say Rimmel lasting finish 25hr foundation, rimmel match perfection illuminating concealer, Benefit BADgal lash Mascara, Rimmel Kate lasting finish Lipstick and urban decay naked 2.

4. What's your favourite holiday ? 

Somewhere hot like corfu, bora bora and actually I'd love to go to Bali !

5. Best makeup tip you know ?
Invest in good brushes !

6. You have an entire day free to yourself, what would you do ?
I would probably curl up in the bath with a good book and pamper myself for the day , binge watching tv and YouTube and scrolling through blogs.

7. Who is your fashion idol ?
Oh I have so many but I think I mostly look to Taylor Swift and Blake Lively for inspiration.

8. Favourite nail polish brand ?
Barry M

9. Describe your style in 3 words.

Colourful, girly, comfy !

10. What is the last song you listened to ? 
Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trainor - I'm a little obsessed with her at the moment !

11. Who are your top 3 favourite blogs ?

Another tough one my number one is definitely Vivianna Does Makeup,after that it's probably the Beauty Ideal and Rachel Coco - really cool blogs that I probably read most often.

12. If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go ?

Anywhere ? I'd love to go EVERYWHERE but if I really had to choose I'd probably go somewhere I haven't been before like Bali !

Here are my questions !

1.What's your favourite A/W trend ?
2.Who is your beauty idol ?
3.If you were to win the lottery and became a multi- millionaire what would you do with it ?
4.What is your favourite thing about Winter/ christmas ?
5.What's your favourite perfume ?
6.Who is your current favourite blogger ?
7.What is your dream job ?
8.What's your idea of a perfect night in ? 
9.Favourite lipstick ?
10. Who's are your fashion idols ?

I Nominate....

I can't wait to see their answers, thanks again to Taylor for the nomination !

Erin x 

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  1. I loved reading your answers! Bali would've been my answer too :)
    Your blog is so good, I love it!


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