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Hello and welcome to my little corner of the internet!  I'm Erin, a 20 something year old student in the University of Limerick studying Digital Media Design. I started this blog back in October of 2014! I originally had another blog that I had to set up for a college assignment, pretty soon I fell in love with writing so I set up this blog to talk about the things that interested me the most.

As I said I'm a student but I'm also a self confessed beauty addict. I was sick and tired of wasting my money trying out products that claimed to be brilliant but in actual fact were the opposite. So when I decided to set up the blog, I knew I wanted to write really honest reviews, so other students or beauty addicts didn't waste their money. Beauty is what I write about dominantly here but I also love sharing all my stories and experiences. I am at a really exciting time in my life and I want to document it all and share all the tips & tricks I learn along the way. 

I really hope you stick around, don't be shy, come and say hello! 

Erin X
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