I'm Back Bitchesss!

It's been a while, I know!

I actually can't believe that it's October and that this is the first post I've wrote here all year!! When I started blogging, I posted every single day without fail! I could give you a hundred and one reasons as to why I stopped blogging, but here's just a few.

I stopped posting around July/August of 2017. I kinda just got bored of blogging and was enjoying YouTube so much more that I decided to just do YouTube until I found my grá for writing again. Over the last year there's been so much drama and negativity in the blogging industry especially here in Ireland. The word blogger became a dirty word and I was almost embarrassed to call myself one.

Everyone seems to talk about a lack of community nowadays and I can definitely see why. I've only been blogging for 4 years but in that time, the blogging landscape has changed big time. There are now soooo many people blogging and doing YouTube, it's become quite saturated. There are now lots of people that earn a full time living from blogging and personally I think it's amazing! I really don't understand why people begrudge bloggers earning money, but that's a longer and much deeper conversation that I'll talk about in another post maybe.

What I can say is that I have surrounded myself with smaller bloggers and influencers that I trust and genuinely enjoy their content and that's no shade on the top bloggers at all, sometimes I just can't relate to them! I much prefer watching someone chatting in their bedroom with disheveled hair about a bargain foundation than watching someone who always looks perfect with not even a hair out of place chat about the latest high end product that they got sent.  Again that might be a topic to discuss in more detail in another post.

Anyway I'm losing the run of myself!🙈 Basically what I was trying to say is that I feel like the blogging community is getting back on track and I'm loving it! It has rejuvenated me and inspired me to get back writing!

Another reason why I stopped was that I got busy. When I stopped blogging, I was heading into my final year in college and let me tell you that was a rollercoaster and a half! I think I've only just recovered from it! I didn't want to put myself under extra pressure to try and post blog posts as well as keep up in college, post on YouTube and on Instagram, especially as this is just my hobby! I'm very much an all or nothing type person so it kills me when I miss an upload, even though no one else cares but me!

Annnnnd I think that's kind of it actually 🤣! I stopped because I just wasn't feeling it, was busy and felt there was too much negativity there for a while! But I'm back bitches! I won't say that I am going to post whenever I feel like it and not care about numbers etc because in all honesty that's just not me. I like schedules and posting on time because it becomes part of my general routine and if I don't post on time then my routine is slightly out of order and stresses me out, basically I'm a control freak and I like schedules 🤣! I love looking at my analytics, I find them fascinating! I love trying to figure out why one post did well and another one didn't, I love watching my own progress and seeing how I can improve on things. I'm obsessed with google analytics, so much so that it's now part of what I do for a living! Oh yeah, I got a job after graduation! Delighted for myself tbh, my job entails social media and marketing within the wedding industry, I'm sorry but I don't think there's a more ideal job out there for me! 🤣 I'm so so happy doing what I'm doing and I took the summer off to get myself settled in and used to my new routine!

So what now? My plan is to post a couple of times a month, even though I love lists and schedules, I don't really have one for the blog at the minute (I'm sure that'll change soon). I want my blog to support everything else that I do, so if I try a new product but it's not really worthy of a full dedicated YouTube video, I'll post about it here or if there's a product that I'm talking about on Instagram but I've loads to say on it, too much for a caption, then it'll be wrote about here!

So yeah, we're back on track! I'm so excited about my blog again for the first time in ages and I'm excited to back writing again, I actually really missed it! If there's anything in particular that you'd like to see here, please do let me know in the comments! If you want to catch up with me daily, then head over to Instagram, that's where I'm most active!

Chat soon,
Erin x 

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