Tea Tree Witch Hazel Night Treatment Gel Review

Anyone else suffer with blemishes and spots? I have suffered with acne since I was about twelve! It's a lot better now but still no where near clear. The smallest thing can cause a breakout.  About two years ago I introduced something new to my skincare routine and that is this baby, the Tea Tree With Hazel Night Treatment Gel. I picked it up because there was a 3 for 2 sale and I was just curious. Ever since, it has been a constant item in my skincare routine! I think I'm on my fourth tube/bottle.

I'm not a huge fan of toners, I never really feel like the do anything so I've actually subbed in this tea tree gel instead and find that it works wonders. You only need a pea sized amount to cover your entire face. Sometimes if I have active spots, I layer it up a little. It dries in super fast so I can go on with my serum almost immediately. I tend to only really use it at night as it is a night treatment, but if my skin is acting up, I do add a bit in the morning too!

It isn't greasy
It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight
It dries out my spot but not my skin
It helps reduce and clear active spots
It dries really quickly so I don't have to wait before applying a serum.
It's cheap as chips
You get 75mls in the tube, which lasts me about 6 months!

To be completely honest, I have not one thing negative to say about this product. It does exactly what it claims to do and it does so excellently.

I think this product would be ideal for anyone suffering from the odd blemish, to having full on acne. Also a major plus, when I had my skin consultation a while back, I was told that this product is perfect to use on my skin which is fantastic because sometimes cheaper skincare can filled with stuff that doesn't actually help your skin. So there you have it! You can purchase this is any Boots store nationwide for only €3.99! What an absolute bargain!

Have you tried the tea tree witch hazel night treatment gel? What did you think?

Erin X
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