My January Favourites!

This month feels like it's lasted a lifetime!! I had a very mixed month, which you can see when I upload my monthly vlog next week. One thing I do quickly want to mention before I jump into the few things that I've been loving this month, I hit 600 subscribers on YouTube!!! I still can't believe it, thank you so much if you have subscribed, if you haven't, I'd love it if you did! Now on with my monthly favourites...

The first thing, which will be obvious to anyone who follows my social media as I haven't stopped raving about it, is the Catrice HD Liquid Coverage Foundation. I'll have a full blog post up on it this week, but very quickly, it's an amazing foundation, perfect for everyday use. It's so affordable at €7.90. It is quite mattifying so if you're super dry, I'd maybe give this a miss. I on the other hand have normal skin with quite an oily t zone. This foundation keeps my oils at bay without making me look like I'm caked in makeup and it doesn't feel very heavy. Did I mention it has fantastic coverage? I need to build it up from medium to full coverage but when I do, it's so great. 

Next up is the Blank Canvas master series palette. I had heard so much hype about this palette and on black Friday when there was 40% off, I finally gave it and bought it! I actually didn't use it until just after Christmas though, I'd put of using it so that I could take photos (blogger problems). I was genuinely so pleasantly surprised by the quality of the eyeshadows! I've pretty much only used this palette since I first opened it and I have to admit, it's fast becoming one of my absolute favourites!

Next up is a makeup mixing plate. I bought mine in Pennies for €4 and I'm obsessed. I am very very pale and most brands don't make a foundation light enough for my skin so I always use my Body Shop lightening drops to take the foundation down a shade or two. The mixing palette has come in so so handy for this exact reason and I don't even know what life was before it.

I'm not usually big into the January sales but one that did catch my eye thanks to Joanne from Lipstick n Leopard Print, was the No7 cleansing brush. I've honestly had my eye on it for about a year, usually it's €34 and because I have my Aldi one,which is really good, I never picked up the No7 one. However it was down to €11.50 so I couldn't leave it behind and I'm so glad I didn't I really really love it and will hopefully do a full blog post on it soon. 

Next up is a product that I wasn't really sure of when I started using it and that's the Dr.Paw Paw lip balm. Again, I'd heard a lot of hype. Do I think it's the best lip balm in the world? No. But I do think it's a pretty good one. I was sick for two weeks this month and my lips were dryer than the Sahara desert, I thought if there was time to test out the lip balm, it would be then. And I have to say it really helped my lips, it's not scented, doesn't make my drier which some lip balms do and I actually find myself reaching for it every night now. Big thumbs up! 

The last favourite is quite random but it's a Batiste dry shampoo. I really like the smell of it, it doesn't make my hair feel gross and it doesn't leave white marks because it brushes out really well. I'm not going to go on about dry shampoo, I'm sure most of you will have tried either this one or something similar but if you haven't this one from Batiste is really quite good. 

Thanks so much for reading. If you wanna hear my thought in a little bit more detail then you can watch the video below! 

Erin X

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