My Favourite Purple Lipsticks

Hi Everyone!

I don't know what it is about the colour purple, but I am always drawn to it. Especially when it comes to lippies. I just love the look of purple lipstick, whether it's a deep plum or a bright pastel purple, I just love the look of them! I own quite a collection of them at this stage and have found myself constantly using the same few. SO here are my favourites...

Interestingly there are two lippies from Flormar and two from MakeUp Revolution, both affordable brands with excellent products. I'm going to talk about each lipstick individually, first up is...

Flormar L34: I purchased this lipstick over in Fuerteventura almost a year ago. This was before Flormar was available in Ireland. I picked up a few shades just to try them out as they were on offer for something small  like €3. I picked up L34 ( I'm not sure if it now has a proper name now or not). It is a gorgeous vibrant purple and is absolutely perfect for Spring Summer time. The pigmentation is crazy good! And it lasts hours without needing to retouch it. It applies very easily and feels super creamy on the lips but has a matte finish which is a little different.

Flormar L33: Again I picked this up in Fuerteventura last year. I really love this lipstick, it's a gorgeous pastel purple. Similar to L34 it applies very smoothly. It does need a few layers to really build up the colour as my lips are naturally quite dark and obviously the lipstick is a light pastel purple. It does feel a little bit more drying than L34 but it's not uncomfortable to wear. I just really like the look of the lipstick and it's one of my absolute favourites!

Velvet Vamp:  This is a liquid lipstick from Makeup Revolution. I find Makeup Revolution to be a hit and miss brand, but their lipsticks are definitely a hit. One of my all time favourites  lipsticks used to be Wet N Wild Vamp it up, I loved how dark it was. The only problem with it was that it wore off terribly. For the first hour it was gorgeous but the second it started to wear away, it looked awful. When I seen velvet vamp on the MUR website I thought, maybe just maybe, because it's a liquid lipstick it might have better staying power. When it arrived I knew straight away that it was a winner. The formulation is a million times better. It has a matte finish but wears away really well because it leaves behind a stain. Once applied it doesn't budge for a few hours! It looks black in the picture above, but it's not it's just a really deep plum purple. This is probably my favourite lipstick of all time!

Keep Lying For You: I bought this alongside Velvet Vamp from the MUR website. This is a great liquid lipstick, just like Velvet Vamp it applies really well. The applicator is very sturdy but kind of moves with your lips, so you can't really mess up when applying it. They staying power is just incredible and it is SERIOUSLY pigmented!!! It wears away really well and is just an absolute gem considering the price! I think I paid £1.25 for it, absolute bargain!

What is your favourite purple Lipstick ?

Erin X

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  1. I agree that there is something about purple lipstick that is just so edgy and cool! I used to love a wet n wild one called 'mauve outta here' I haven't worn it in ages though as over autumn and winter I have become so much more boring when it comes to lipsticks, sticking to more neutral colours but I definitely need to pull out some more interesting shades now as we move into S/S :) x

    Sinead | Dreaming Again


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