Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Capsules Review

One of the most popular products from Elizabeth Arden is the Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules. To be perfectly honest with you, I had never heard of them before I attended the Elite Munster Blogger Event, where we all received about eight capsules to try. I had never ventured into high end skincare, as I've never had the budget to do so.  I was very interested to try them as we'd heard amazing things about them at the event...

Elizabeth Arden claims that these capsules to the following...

  • Immediately smoothes and revitalizes the look of skin.
  • Visibly improves skin tone and clarity.
  • Supports skin's natural collagen for a firmer look.
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Gives you skin that’s noticeably softer and smoother.
  • Reduces roughness and dryness.
  • Enhances your skin hydration for a fresh and balanced feel.

I have to say I completely agree with them all, except the fine lines are wrinkles reduction, as I'm only 21 and didn't have any to begin with so I wouldn't notice if there was a difference. On application, they feel like they are going to be greasy and sit on top of your skin. Give it just a few moments and they absorb into your skin perfectly. It is supposed to be suitable for all skin types too. I love using these capsules because my skin always feels amazingly soft after using them. I usually use them at night and there is never any residue the next morning. I have also applied it just before doing my makeup and I have to say it makes my makeup look much nicer. My skin tone evens out and the makeup glides on. 

The serum inside the capsules are fragrance, alcohol and preservative free, which is very interesting because most skincare products need preservatives in it to make sure that it doesn't go bad once you open it. I think it's possibly because you only use one capsule per application. So if you normally react with fragranced products, this may be something to look into. 

At first I found it quite difficult to open, but the trick is to twist the top of it and it'll pop off so you can squeeze out the serum. One capsule will cover the entire face and neck. There is 30 capsules in each pod. I use maybe 2-3 capsules per week so while they are expensive, they will last for months! I was lucky enough that my friend watched this favourites video and seen my raving about them and how sad I was that I only had a few capsules left. She actually bought me the full pod for my birthday so I was and am so happy and grateful because it'd probably one of my favourite skincare products ever! 

One thing I do want to note as well, it is compatible with any other skincare range, not just Elizabeth Arden skincare. This is brilliant because you can still use more affordable skincare and use the capsules as a treat. I have seen a massive difference in my skin since I started using these. My skin is clearer and fresher looking. 

I really cannot recommend these ceramide capsules enough! I will 100% be purchasing these when I run out. The retail at a whopping €85 from Debenhams.ie but if you are trying to invest in skincare, then definitely check these out. As far as I'm aware you can actually ask for a few samples in store and try them out before splashing out on them. Also if you're a student or know a student, you can get 10% off all Elizabeth Arden goods in  all Shaws department stores.

Have you tried these capsules before? What are your favourite oils/serums in your skincare routine ?

Erin X
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  1. I've never nor will probably ever have the budget for things like this, so getting to try them at events is always fun! I've never used an oil/serum on my skin before so I should probably give it a try - Elizabeth Arden's products are always really nice too. Lovely review! - Tasha


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