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Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday, I hope you all have a fabulous week! I have been obsessed with this nail combo for the last week. I have been loving the darker nail shades now that it's autumn and I think this combo is very autumnal, almost winter like. The dark polish is Catrice 'Vino Tinto' and the sparkly silver is Wet n' Wild 'Kaleidoscope'.

Please so excuse the untidiness of the picture above, I just wanted to show you what they looked like on the nails and may I add this is after four full days! There's barely any chippings and they still look quite good.

So the Catrice polish is a very dark plum purple shade, from a distance it almost looks brown.  This is actually the very first Catrice polish that I've ever tried and I have to say I love it! The polish applies so evenly and smoothly across the nail. It's very opaque and you could definitely get away with only one coat. I applied two just because I love doing my nails. The brush is very good. If you've read a few of my Mani Monday posts, you'll know how important the brush is to me. My favourite brushes being the essence ones, however this Catrice brush has me rethinking my favourite. It carries the perfect amount of product and spreads out once its on the nail, it makes it super easy to apply. The lasting power of this polish, as you can see it great. It retails for about €4/€5 euro and can be bought from any Catrice stand in pharmacies or Pennys!

The Wet n' Wild polish is a new favourite, I have lots of polishes that are similar but this one is my favourite. The brush is very good, I had absolutely no trouble what so ever with it, it applied the glitter very well. Unlike other glitter polishes that are thick and gloopy, 'Kaleidoscope' is a breath of fresh air. The consistency is perfect, it applies very smoothly in one thin coat. The glitter has fabulous colour like blue, red, green, gold and of course silver. This polish is very affordable at around €3!! Great quality for a great price!

So that's what's on my nails this week, what's on yours ? 

Erin X
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