Pestle & Mortar - The Ultimate Hydration Kit

Let's talk about skincare, I'm a dehydrated gal at the best of times and in the past three months or so been having some dry patches too. I'm a sucker for buying anything that promises to give hydration.  I've heard such amazing things about Pestle and Mortar and specifically about their hyaluronic serum so I was eager to try it, but the products are quite expensive so I'd always put off buying them until I seen their Ultimate Hydration Kit in Boots over Christmas for only €50! I was so excited to try it! My boyfriend very kindly bought it as part of my Christmas present and I was thrilled.

I have been using the kit pretty solidly now for about 5 weeks and to be perfectly honest, I'm very disappointed. There's three products in the kit, a balancing facial spritz, a hyaluronic serum and a moisturiser. While they are nice enough to use, I don't notice that much of a difference and for me that's the main issue.

The Balance Fine Misting Facial Spritz
I don't ever tend to use a facial spritz, I know I should but I always forget throughout the day and always think of them as a non essential part of the skincare routine - even though I know they can be very useful. Anyway, I got into the habit of using this and while I don't notice anything major from it, it is quite cooling and refreshing. I'm not mad at this product but I'm not mad about it. It cost just over €30 depending on where you buy it and for that price I'd want to see it doing something to my skin, anything, so I won't be repurchasing!

The Hyaluronic Serum
A few years ago hyaluronic serums became very popular and now almost every skincare brand has one. I've tried three, the first being the Medik8 which was actually really good, the second being from the Ordinary - I could take it or leave it but for €6 it's good enough and then finally the Pestle & Mortar hyaluronic serum. The consistency of it is really nice, it's not sticky in the same way the ordinary one is. It dries in super quick and doesn't leave any residue, so it's perfect to use in the morning or under makeup.The dropper is fantastic and overall the packaging is fab. My biggest issue with it is that I just don't notice a difference, I stopped using the kit for a week just to see if my skin missed it. I haven't noticed a difference at all. This product full sized and full price is over €40 and with that type of price tag, I would obviously want to see some sort of a difference - very disappointed.

The Hydrate Lightweight Moisturisier
To be fair, this does exactly what it says on the tin or packaging should I say! It's very lightweight, it soaks into my skin quickly enough and leaves my skin feeling plump and hydrated - for about 5 mins and then I'm back to square one. I don't necessarily blame the product for this, I just think I need something heavier. I'll use it up, particularly in the mornings but I won't be repurchasing.

Overall, I'm really disappointed, I've heard rave about the brand for years but it just didn't work on me and that's the thing with skincare, what works for me may not work for you and I think that's what the problem is here. I'm really happy that I got the kit so that I could try the brand and not spend lots of money on products that ultimately didn't work for me. I wish more higher end brands did these kind of kits! Have you tried anything from Pestle and Mortar? If so what did you try and what did you think of them?

Erin X 

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