A Few of My Favourite Bloggers...

Blogging is one of my favourite things to do and  I really love reading other people's blogs too. I've read blogs for years, I feel like as the years have gone on,more and more people have started to blog, which is great. But it's made me become a lot more picky about what blogs I read and what content I take in. I read lots of blogs but today I wanted to share some of my absolute favourite...

Cliona Hill
I can't remember how I came across Cliona's blog but I am so delighted that I did. This lady takes the most beautiful photos and don't even start me on her flat lays 😍😍. I really admire Cliona, she's so dedicated to her blog. I love watching her snaps too so make sure to check her out on snapchat. I love the way she writes, her posts are always a joy to read and I get so excited when I see she's posted! If I won the lotto tomorrow I would hire her as my photographer, she is so bloody talented! Don't believe me? Check out her Instagram HERE! 

Fluff & Flipperies
I have followed Emma's blog for the longest time!!! I always find so much comfort in reading Emma's posts, although it does leave me broke most of them. She writes about some of the most gorgeous products on the market and takes beautiful pictures which ultimately leads me to buying all of the things! But I'm not complaining because it usually leaves me very very happy! Check out Emma's blog, you won't be disappointed, trust me!

London Beauty Blogger
I think I first came across Hayley's blog on Twitter and was immediately obsessed! I absolutely love the way Hayley writes. I always feel like there's a story. Writing is definitely one of Hayley's strong point, she in my opinion is 100% blogging goals. Her photos are always stunning, her content is original and fresh and the way she writes is just the icing on the cake. I love reading all of her beauty reviews on the new products that are launching and trust her opinions 100%.

Putting It Out There
I have actually had the pleasure of meeting Yvonne from Putting It Out There a good few times. We traveled to a few events together and I can safely say that Yvonne is absolutely great. She has the best attitude towards blogging and  is always 100% honest in her reviews. Her blog  has a really nice design and her posts are always very detailed. She'll make sure you know absolutely everything about the product that she's reviewing, through in the fact that her pictures are top class and you've got a great blog to read!  I really love reading her blog and Putting It Out There is actually one of the very very few blogs I'm actually subscribed to!

So tell me who is your favourite blogger? What are your favourite blogs to read? 

Erin X
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  1. Thank you so much for including me and for the lovely write-up Erin! You're incredibly kind! I'm obsessed with your Youtube channel & Snapchat!! xxx

  2. Aww Erin you are too kind, thank you so much for including me in your piece xx I love your youtube videos....so natural in themx


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