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A little while ago Lidl released a makeup range called Cien. I was really excited to try it as I've had heard great things. So I popped down to my local Lidl and picked up the few bits that they had to offer. I bought their mascara, a lipstick, a lip gloss, nail polish and two of their eye shadows. I already had their BB Cream which I made a full video on. Here's how I got on....

Mascara - I like the mascara wand, it's very easy to apply. The formula is nice and wet but not so wet that it's messy. It is a lovely mascara for a natural makeup look. It doesn't give great volume or length. It's almost like it tints your lashes, as I said, very natural. 

Eye Shadows - I was really quite impressed with the eye shadows. They feel almost velvety to the touch. They blend easily and aren't patchy. I bought two of the four shades currently available, vanilla cream and brilliant brown. Vanilla Cream is a very light cream shade, almost translucent. I use this for setting my eye shadow primer. Brilliant Brown in the pan looks like it has some shimmer to it but when applied to the eyes it's actually matte and it's beautiful. Pigmentation wise, it takes a little bit of work to build up. I really like both of these colours and hope they add more shades to the range. 

BB Cream - I really like the BB Cream, it has a lovely fresh scent and feels cool to the skin when applied. My favourite thing about it is that it colour corrects my skin really well. It gives decent coverage without having a heavy feeling.  One layer would give you a lovely natural finish, I apply too as I need that extra bit of coverage. 

Nail Polish - This was a major surprise for me. I really really like it. The brush applies the polish really well, it's similiar to the Essence brushes. The polish itself is a lovely formula, applied really evenly and dried pretty quickly too. I was also impressed by how long they lasted without chipping! I didn't use a base coat or top coat and they didn't chip for about 3 or 4 days!! I also really love the colour, at first I wasn't sure about it but the more I've worn it the more it's grown on me. It's called 'Nude Brown' and is a gorgeous pinky brown. 

Lipstick - There was only one shade available in my Lidl and that was 'Fushia Pink' a shade I wouldn't necessarily of picked up. The colour just doesn't suit my skin tone and makes my teeth look a little yellow. Having said that again I was surprisingly impressed. It applied well, quite creamy. It was well pigmented and lasted on my lips for quite a while. 

Lipgloss - I have to be completely honest here,as I always am,  I hate lip glosses, I have never come across one that I like. I've tried both High end and High Street and I've yet to find one that I like. Unfortunately the Cien lip gloss was no different. It felt quite oily on my lips, the colour I felt wasn't really true to the colour represented on the tube. And it just felt uncomfortable on the lips. As I said I feel this way about most if not all lip glosses so if you're into lip glosses then maybe just try it yourself?

Overall I'm really impressed with the range that currently available and I'm excited to see what they bring out next! I did a full video trying all the makeup on for the first time over on my YouTube channel, I'd love if you gave it a watch and subscribed to my channel too! 

Erin X 

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  1. I watched your youtube clip and completely agree on the cream shadow and the lipgloss a big no no lol. I must give the BB Cream a go x


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