My Current Favourite Snapchatters

I think it's about time I made a little confession...

Hi my name is Erin and I'm a snapchat addict, a snaddict as Karen from LovelyGirlyBits would say! I find myself on it for hours EVERY day. I follow so many people at this stage that it would literally take all day to watch everyone's stories. With that in mind, there are about 30-40 people that I will always watch and yes there's at least 30-40 people!!! My favourites do change however, sometimes people become inactive or the type of content they're producing on snapchat changes or just doesn't interest me anymore. So here is a look at some of my current favourite snapchatters. As I said there's 30-40 people I watch daily but I won't do them all, I'll limit myself! 

Also if you're not following already, my username is @chasingrubychat 

1. Toodollymakeup
I'm sure you all know her already, but she is genuinely one of my fave snappers! The fact that she's a good friend of mine is just a bonus. Jen is an amazing makeup artist and does fab tutorials on her snapchat. She also does mini reviews, takes us along to events with her and shows us all the new beauty stuff that's coming out! If you're interested in makeup and beauty or just want to watch a really inspirational down to earth girl, then Jen is the gal to follow!

2. Laudempmakeup
Laura is such an amazingly talented makeup artist. Not only that, but she's such a lovely person too. A true girls girl and  a Girlboss in her own right. She is such an inspiration, she used to work for Urban Decay but now she has built up her client-base in Waterford and is a freelance makeup artist. She is one of the most supportive people I've met and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for her. I know it will be truly amazing! 

3. TheMakeupFairy
Joanne is one of the biggest bloggers in Ireland and has built an incredible career. She is probably one of the most inspirational people I follow on snapchat. I admire how much she gets done in her day, always making time for workouts, eating well and her friends and family. Watching her get up and go to the gym and seeing her progress has often made me get up and go workout! What I also admire is when she that she's not shy or afraid to admit that she's having a bad day or week, that she's not eating right, dealing with trolls and see lets us see the lowlights in her life, not just the highlights. A true girlboss and an amazing role model for women everywhere!

4. Laurasviews
You might know Laura as MyMakeupPerspective. I first found Laura on YouTube and found her to be a breath of fresh air. Her videos are so honest and genuine. Her snapchat is no different! I LOVE her snaps and she is always one of the first I click in on. Laura snaps about everything from her vegan diet to mysterious boyfriend (iansviews on snapchat) and everything in between. Her honesty is refreshing and she is absolutely hilarious. Definitely one to follow on snapchat and every other platform!

Emer is another Waterford based blogger. I find her to very relatable. Like me she is in college, works and runs a blog. She is also doing a very similar course to me which makes her snaps extra enjoyable! Emer has a very soothing soft voice that's such a pleasure to listen to. I absolutely love her Pennys hauls and seeing her OOTD. If you enjoy fashion then Emer's snapchat is definitely for you!

6. Tanya_Rachel
I adore Tanya Rachel, I think she is just the loveliest of girls and I wish we lived closer. She is stunning and such an incredible MUA. She used to work for Inglot before she decided to go it alone as a free lance MUA in Wicklow. She also has a blog and Youtube channel, we have actually collaborated on YouTube before, I'll leave the video HERE.  I love seeing the behind the scenes and everyday life of Tanya Rachel.

7. Nimahtbh1
Another lady that I'm blessed to call a friend. Niamh is such a fab lady who is super beautiful with a velvet voice. I had the pleasure of meeting her last August at a YouTube event and I cannot wait to meet her again soon. I love all of her mini reviews and the behind the scenes of her YouTube videos. Niamh is really supportive and genuine and I really admire her honesty. Definitely someone you should have on your snap feed.

8. Cailinspocket
Sinead is such a pleasure to watch! In case you're unaware, Sinead is actually a mermaid and her snaps have magic powers that instantly make you happy. Her positivity is infectious! She is also a fellow irish YouTuber and a very talented baker! Her cakes look insanely beautiful. Definitely follow Sinead if you are looking for a little daily pick me up!

So they are a few of my faves at the moment! Who do you follow on snapchat ? Who are your faves ? Let me know in the comments! 

Erin X 
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  1. Theres a few on there that I don't follow. Must check them out! Also must get a bit better at it...


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