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Hello Everyone !

I am very much a people person, I love meeting new people and having good chats with people. But I am a massive fan of my alone time. I need it. It keeps me sane. There is a big misconception that being alone is lonely. When I'm alone I'm never lonely, I'm usually having lots of fun doing one of the following...

Go to a movie - Even better go to that really embarrassing cheesy movie that no one else wants to see, completely indulge in it's cheesiness and have an amazing time. I used to think going to the cinema alone was awfully embarrassing, but actually the person you buy the tickets from doesn't think any less of you or think you're a loner and once the lights go down no one will even know you're there!

Have a spa day or get a message - Treat yourself to some 'me time'. Treat your body and head off to the spa, or book yourself a message. If you can't afford a spa day then do a DIY job at home and complete pamper yourself with face masks, hair masks and doing your nails.

Binge on a Tv show - Sometimes you just need a blanket day, where you don't bother getting out of your pajamas, you order in food and you completely give in to Netflix and all of it's amazing series. I recommend, Gotham, Daredevil, Gossip Girl and Once Upon A Time.

People watch - GUILTY !! This is one of my favourite things to do when I'm alone, just watch people and try to guess what their life is about or what's their story! head into a coffee shop and get a seat by the window and enjoy!

Complete a project - Finish whatever project you always leave on the long finger, whether that's finishing a blog post or painting a set of drawers, let your creative side come out and feel productive!

Take a hike -  Hiking is one of my favourite things to do alone, it gives me my own space to think about everything and clear my mind of any worries or problems that I have. I always feel really great afterwards too, fresh air, exercise and a clear mind !

Try a new workout -  You could try a new workout class at a local gym or simply find a fun workout on YouTube and do it from the comfort of your own home.

Go shopping - Ok I'll admit, while I love going shopping with my mam or my friends, sometimes I love nothing more than going shopping alone. Let me explain, I have a couple of different shopping 'moods'. Sometimes I want to try on absolutely everything in a shop and other times a quick glance through the rails in sufficient. If I'm with other people, I have to wait on them to finish looking around or they have to wait on me and they I feel pressured to hurry up. But when I'm alone, I can do whatever I want and just truly enjoy shopping.

Take a long bath -  There's nothing better than curling up in a lovely hot bath (preferably filled with Lush products) and reading a good book or watching some YouTube videos. Or simply giving yourself a really relaxing pampering session.

Experiment in the kitchen - It's good to play with food and try out new recipes, especially when no one is there to see you mess up and who knows you might just create a new favourite dish!

What do you do in your alone time ? 

Erin X
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  1. yes I love doing all of these!! :)
    Shannon ||

  2. Love this! And people watching is definitely my number one favourite past-time!

  3. Great list! When I'm alone I definitely like to watch tv, read blogs, or lay down and be really lazy and just be on my phone... Which I need to do a lot less of and probably exercise more. I like to people watch too! It's fun to just watch other people... Haha we sound like stalkers but I'm glad I'm not alone in this ;)

  4. I'm rarely by myself for too long and when I am I don't really do anything exciting, often just staying in getting extra work done or watching tv, reading blogs etc. I really need to start going on days out by myself more and I'm definitely tempted to book a spa day now! ;)

    Alice / Alice Grace Beauty


  5. Love my alone time, helps me to recharge :)


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