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I went to the Pro Beauty Show in the RDS back in October, my main goal for the day was to find a good set of brushes because I really want to build my brush collection. Since all the brands do discounts at the pro beauty show I thought that this was the perfect chance. It was, all of the brands had great deals on, I bought a few brushes from Blank Canvas Cosmetics and a few from Crown Brushes but I was completely sold on the Fushia brushes. They had in my opinion, the best deal. They were doing 12 brushes and a brush case for only €25!!! Amazing deal, but I'm always cautious when things aren't too expensive because usually if something is very affordable the quality isn't as good. But I am delighted with the results...

First of all, how gorgeous is the packaging! How expensive and luxurious looking are they! I'm obsessed with these brushes, they are such good quality. They are extremely soft and feel amazing on your skin. I love both the eye brushes and the face brushes, they are both fab! My favourite out of all of the is probably the foundation brush. It applies my foundation so evenly and leaves a lovely finish on it.

They only brush that I don't use on a regular basis is the contour brush, I find it doesn't have enough bristles in it and I much prefer the Black canvas F10. Other that that I really can't fault the set at all. The wash really easily too, no bristles have come out at all since I started using them over two months ago.

The case is also a favourite of mine. It is great for storage but especially for travelling. I had previously been using a triangular case from Spectrum Brushes and while it looks really cool, it isn't very practical. So I have swapped it for the Fushia case. It can hold loads of brushes and it's long enough so that it doesn't press into any of the brushes, forcing them to lose shape. It's also really easy to clean.

Along with the brushes and case, I bought the Fushia Beauty Blender. I don't have much to say about it except that it's much bigger than the Real Techniques one and in my opinion it doesn't do a great job. I always tend to use my RT one and only use the Fushia ones when I'm washing my RT one. It;s not that the Fushia one performs badly, I just prefer the texture of  RT. I got it for €3 so it's not a waste at all!

You can buy Fushia from http://www.fuschia.ie/ I know that I will definitely be back trying so more Fushia products at the next Pro Beauty Show in March! Have you ever tried these brushes ?

Erin X
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  1. I've never tried these guys but good brushes are a staple! X

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